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World Citizenship Institute for
Advanced Studies (WCIAS)
Faculty and Advisors

Highly qualified Faculty and Advisory Board members, who are representative of the international clientele whom we serve, teach WCIAS courses.  These Faculty and Advisory Board members include:

Aram, I. Arul, Ph.D., MPhil, MA (Eng.), MA (Comm.) -- Professor of Conflict Transformation and Peace Education. Dr. Aram was formerly Chief Sub-Editor of The Hindu, India’s national newspaper.  He is currently Assistant Professor of Media Sciences at Anna University, in Chennai, India.  He is also a visiting faculty member at the University of Madras.  His doctoral studies are in peace education.  He has authored a book Television in Education (Orient Longman).  He has presented papers at several national and international conferences, and has published around 20 papers.  He is former president of the Madras Press Club.  He is also a trainer for various non-governmental organizations.  He was a participant at the Summer Peacebuilding Institute of Eastern Mennonite University, US, in 2004.  His online courses in WCIAS are in the Core Curriculum and the School of Conflict Transformation and Peace Education.  He is editor of the online journal, E-journal of World Citizenship and Global Peace, published by World Citizenship Institute.

Benoit, Florina, PhD candidate, MSW – Professor of Human Rights.  Mrs. Benoit is a Social Worker who has a Masters in Social Work and Public Administration.  She is presently a Fulbright Fellow pursuing another Masters in Conflict Transformation in the Eastern Mennonite University in the United States.  Her concentration is on Trauma and Transformation.  She has had four years of teaching experience and has done many research studies.  She has trained many people in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka in research, counseling and theater.  Her PhD. program is in Social Work with Refugees.  Her online courses in WCIAS are in the School of Human Rights and the School of Conflict Transformation and Peace Education.

Brunger, Scott, PhD. -- Professor of International Political Economy.  Dr. Brunger’s PhD. is in Economic Development, from the New School for Social Research in New York, 1983 and he holds a BA in Political Science from Yale University, 1968.  Dr. Brunger learned development economics while teaching seminary students in Benin, West Africa and consulting for the African Region of the Y.M.C.A.  He wrote a book on international economic development,  Effects of Japanese Investment on a Small American Community: A Case Study of Japanese Autoparts in East Tennessee (1997) and a novel about West Africa,  A Trade in Death: An Economics Mystery (1993).  His online courses in WCIAS are in the Core Curriculum, the School of International Political Economy and the School of Economic Justice and Globalization.

Foster, James L., MAR, BA -- Associate Professor of World Citizenship.  Mr. Foster is founder of World Citizenship Institute and Founder and President of Institutes for Christian Spirituality, the parent organization of both WCI and WCIAS.  A former Baptist pastor and Mennonite church planter,  Mr. Foster is an active advocate for world peace and justice, and has advocated professionally for economic justice for the Caribbean poor and for U.S. involvement in bringing about peace in the Middle East.  His online courses in WCIAS are in the School of World Citizenship, the School of Human Rights, and the School of Conflict Transformation and Peace Education.

Lheem, Han Gyu, Ph.D. MA, BA -- Professor of International Relations and International Political Economy.  Dr. Lheem is native of South Korea and also serves as Director of World Citizenship Institute International, Vice President of WCIAS and teaches International Relations, Comparative Politics, Current Issues in World Politics, and Political Philosophy at the University of Tennessee, USA.  He is a professor of International Relations at the University of North Carolina, Fayetteville. Dr. Lheem also facilitates various international forums and peacebuilding workshops, sponsored by the Peacebuilding Institute of East Tennessee and is a popular speaker on international politics at conferences throughout the nation.  His online courses in WCIAS are in the School of World Citizenship, the School of International Relations, the School of International Political Economy, the School Economic Justice and Globalization, and the School of Human Rights.

Martin, Earl, PhD., ThM, BD, BA -- Professor of World Citizenship.  Dr. Martin has a Ph.D. in Religious Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1974; ThM, BD, BA; Senior Professor, World Religions, Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN.  He has been Professor, International Baptist Theological Seminary, Ruschlikon, Switzerland, 1987-1992; Founding-director of the Institute for Mission & Evangelism of the European Baptist Federation, 1987-1994; Professor, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, 1982-1987; Visiting Professor, Bible and Islam, Kenyatta University College, Nairobi, Kenya, 1976-1977; Professor, Baptist Seminary of East Africa, Arusha, Tanzania,  1961-1974; a resident of Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda,  1957 - 1982 and in Europe 1987-1994.  He was Founding-Minister, Temple Hills Baptist Church, Temple Hills, Maryland, 1953-1957.  His online courses in WCIAS are in the Core Curriculum and the School of World Citizenship.

Michael A. McDaniel, Ed. D., M.A.T. (Instruction and Curriculum), M.A. (Public Administration), B.S., History -- President’s Advisory Board.  Dr. McDaniel presently teaches history and reading in the Knox County School System in Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A.  He has also taught government, theater arts and computer labs.  He has also served as Launch Site Support Engineer and Project Manager for Payload Requirements, McDonnell Douglas Space System Company-KSC (Federal Government Contract to NASA).  In this capacity he interfaced with aerospace and satellite communication customers flying payloads on the NASA shuttle, working with NASA international customers; Germans (Spacelab D-2), Japanese (Japanese Flight Demonstration JFD), and Russians (Mir Missions).  He was Project Level Management for the Space Station, responsible for planning, analysis and assessments of ground support requirements.  He has co-authored three articles on space applications of Artificial Intelligence. In WCIAS he serves on the President’s Advisory Board.

Obasi, Cletus O., PhD. Candidate, CMF, MA, B.Phil, B.D., PGD – Associate Professor of Conflict Transformation and Peace Education , and Associate Professor of Human Rights. Associate Professor and Formerly a lecturer at the Claretian Institute of Philosophy, Owerri, Nigeria.  He is a member of the Claretian Missionaries and was ordained a Priest in 1989.  He has worked with Justice and Peace groups and organized workshops on Justice and Development for Nigerian Religious groups.  He is currently pursuing a PhD programme in Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation.  His online courses in WCIAS are in the School of Human Rights and the School of Conflict Transformation and Peace Education.

Osborne, Larry, PhD., MA, BA in Psychology -- Professor of Conflict Transformation and Peace Education. Dr. Osborne is Professor of Psychology at Carson-Newman College in Tennessee, USA and is Director of the college’s Environmental and Community Stewardship Project.  He teaches courses in Behavioral Science; Statistics and Research Design; The Psychology of War, Conflict, and Peace; Ecological Psychology; Bio Psychology; Human Development; Uprooting Racism; and Organizational Psychology.  He holds professional memberships in Appalachian Studies Association; Just Connections; Psychologists for Social Responsibility; Society for Community Research and Action; Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues; and the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence.  He has authored over 60 papers, presentations and articles and has received the Appalachian College Association Teaching and Technology Cutting Edge Award.  His online courses in WCIAS are in the Core Curriculum and the School of Conflict Transformation and Peace Education.

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