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Peace Memo, was a bimonthly news and info letter that was available by email to all participants in Peacebuilding Institute programs and other interested persons in the past.   Current Memo's are not available.

Peace Memo Archive

World Citizenship Creed

Credo de Ciudadan´┐Ża del Mundo

세계 시민 헌장


World Citizenship Institute (WCI)
                                                        (WCI - Advanced Studies)

This Institute, founded by Dr. Han Lheem, an international relations theorist and teacher, is committed to the proposition that we are all children of God by virtue of our creation by God, and that we are therefore brothers and sisters in the world-wide human family, whatever our race, nationality, or religion may be.  WCI sponsors International Forums dealing with a variety of international issues and conflicts. It seeks to replicate itself internationally by recruiting WCI National Affiliates in other nations throughout the world.  WCI is currently networking with approximately 1,000 other peace organizations worldwide through the Peacebuilding Institute. 

World Citizenship Institute - Advanced Studies

WCI also promotes advanced studies with the World Citizenship Institute for Advanced Studies (WCIAS).   WCIAS is an online graduate level advanced studies program with schools in world citizenship, international relations, international political economy, economic justice and globalization, human rights, conflict transformation and peace education.  Advanced Studies Certificates are awarded in each of the above areas upon the satisfactory completion of 30 hours of advanced study.  Organized in 2004, it seeks to serve the advanced education needs of an international clientele by connecting peacebuilders worldwide with highly qualified faculty in the interest of better addressing the issues of international peace, peace between nations, and peace within nations.  

WCIAS Faculty and Advisors

Occasional Papers

#1 Global Mind Change

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