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Notes from Tamarack Cottage - In closing...

This morning I paddled a canoe along the edge of Butternut Lake and into Butternut Creek.  The trees were vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red.  The colors were mirrored Monet-like in the water.  As I slowly paddled soaking in the season of fall I saw Belted Kingfishers, 3 River Otters cavorting in the water, an elegant Great Blue Heron taking flight, a Green Heron flitting along the shore, ducks, geese and a Long-Tailed Weasel.  I returned home reminded that we are but a single strand in the web of life.  The sparkling beauty of this web shone clearly this autumn morning.  May we all realize how glorious and fragile this web is.  If we misuse or destroy part of it, the whole suffers.  May we have the wisdom to revere and protect this beautiful complex web of life.

Peace, Roberta -- September 2007


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