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Peace Memo, was a bimonthly news and info letter that was available by email to all participants in Peacebuilding Institute programs and other interested persons in the past.   Current Memo's are not available.

Peace Memo Archive

Inconvenient Facts, 2007

  • As many as 45% of all suicide bombers in Iraq are Saudi nationals.  Saudi Arabia gives lots of money to the Sunnis in Iraq to help their cause. - Los Angeles Times

  • A faucet leaking 1 drop per second wastes about 2,700 gallons of water a year.  This is 5 times what an average car uses in gas.  EPA

  • More than 14 million trees are used each year for making grocery bags. - Greenpeace

  • A recent study involving interviews with over 2,000 Iraqis found that they were more pessimistic than 6 months earlier.  Today 70% of Iraqis think security has deteriorated, and conditions for political dialogue have worsened.  Some 65-67% of them think the troop increase has interfered with government functioning, reconstruction and economic development, and 47% now want foreign troops to leave immediately. - BBC, ABC News and NHK of Japan

  • The money spent on one day in Iraq would buy homes for almost 8,500 families or health care for 423,529 children or could outfit 1.27 million homes with renewable electricity. - American Friends Service Committee

  • The occupation of Iraq, if you include ongoing factors such as long-term health care for veterans, interest on debt and replacement of military hardware; is costing Americans $270 million a day or $500,000 a minute -Washington Post, 9-22-07

  • Since the US invasion of Iraq an estimated 1.2 million Iraqis died violent deaths. - ORB, a British polling organization

  • As many as 8 million Iraqis are in need of emergency assistance.  An estimated 4 million lack food security.  Nearly half the population is unemployed and living in absolute poverty. Some 50-70% lack adequate water supplies, and child malnutrition has risen to 28%. - Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns

  • When costs of CIA operations and embassy expenses are added, the occupation of Iraq currently costs taxpayers about $12 billion a month.  The new spending request of $200 billion is likely to push the cumulative cost of Iraq alone through 2008 past the $600 billion mark, more than the Korean War and nearly as much as the Vietnam war. - LA Times, 9-24-07

  • Hundreds of Shiite and Sunni residents staged a protest on Sept. 12th against a wall being constructed by US troops between their adjoining neighborhoods in NW Baghdad.  It is part of a US effort to divide Iraq's population among religious lines. - World Socialist Web Site, 9-18-07

  • Neither the Defense Dept. nor the Dept. of Homeland Security have met even basic accounting requirements, leaving them vulnerable to waste, fraud and abuse.  Officials admit that there is no way of holding these departments accountable for tax money they received in the past.  "There is no way of knowing, if it (Defense Dept.) can't even be audited." (Ronald W. Johnson of RTI International) - A.P., 9-14-07; �The Pentagon still cannot account for $1.1 trillion it received in the past.

  • CEOs of top military corporations have reaped annual pay gains of 200% or 688% in the years since 9-11.  They made an average of $12.4 million a year, easily more than the average CEO.  The CEO of General Dynamics, Nicholas Chabraja, tops the list at earnings of $97 million or $19 million a year followed by Halliburton CEO, David Lesar, who earned $79 million or nearly $16 million a year. �Center for Defense Information

  • About 35,000 people die of hunger every day � Source unknown

  • At least 835 books were already written and published about the Iraq war in the US, and 32 of these are children's books. - Source unknown

  • Poor roads cost Americans $67,000,000,000 each year for repairs and other extra operating costs. � Source unknown

  • It is estimated that over the next 20 years it will cost $390,000,000,000 to maintain US sewer systems. - Source unknown

  • Solid waste generated by an American has increased by 24% since 1980.  Americans throw out 48 million tons of edible food each year.  As many as 288 US colleges have closed since 1990. � all from Harper's Index, Sept. '07

  • Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) called global warming 'the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."  He is the ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee who accepted more than $1 million in gifts from the oil and gas industries. - League of Conservation Voters

  • Some 76% of Palestinians live on less than $2 a day.  The Israeli government siphons off 84% of their water.  Some 10,000 Palestinians remain in Israeli jails.  There are more than 450 checkpoints which they have to deal with on a daily basis.  A wall built by the Israelis with US help encircles the West Bank, and Bethlehem is now a "ghetto."  Israel has violated 77 UN resolutions since 1955.  Palestine is the most densely populated place in the world with over 4 million Palestinians in refugee camps. -- U.N.

  • The US has developed a 14-ton super bomb more destructive than the vacuum bomb just tested by Russia.  It has the penetrating power of 30,000 pounds.  The bomb would be launched by 65-70 stealth bombers and 400 bombers of other types. - Lt. General McInerney, chairman of the Iran Policy Committee

  • Blackwater, USA, the mercenary group hired by the US government to provide security, is being investigated for killing innocent Iraqis.  It has an estimated 1,000 employees, who make about $1,000 a day in Iraq, and has at least $800 million in government contracts.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Blackwater worked under a no-bid contract with the Dept. of Homeland Security at a cost of $240,000 a day.  Blackwater founder Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL, trains 40,000 people a year at its 7,000-acre base in North Carolina. Right now in Iraq there are about 180,000 US contractors operating alongside 165,000 to 175,000 US troops. - Jeremy Scahill author of Blackwater.

  • Jubilee USA is asking that we support HR 2634, a bill that would cancel the debt of nearly 67 impoverished countries allowing USA funds to be used for meeting basic needs of people in keeping with the UN Millennium Goals instead of using the funds to pay crippling debt.  Call your Congress person. - Jubilee USA Network

  • As many as 1,448-plus barrels of toxic and probably radioactive chemicals were dumped into Lake Superior by the US Army Corps of Engineers between 1957 and 1962.  The Save Lake Superior Association is trying to get all the barrels removed and safely shipped to a hazardous waste containment site. - NukeWatch Quarterly, Fall 2007

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