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Peacebuilding Institute of Africa-Kenya (PIA-K)

A Peacebuilding Institute Affiliate
Gitonga Njagi, Africa Region Coordinator


PIA - K is a program of an indigenous Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization, namely International Development & Peace Organization (IDPO) that has had activities mainly within the Eastern Africa Region, and to a minimal extent in the Horn of Africa.

Since 2008 the Peacebuilding Institute of Africa has effectively and compassionately reached out to communities and enhanced peaceful co-existence within the framework of �healed and reconciled communities�.  Communities within the East Africa Region have affectionately embraced our approach that constitutes trainings, reflections and journeying with a view to fulfill the aspirations of community members.  Our success is based on the empowerment strategy for the community-based compassionate volunteers for peace as well as our well designed participatory methodologies that enhance skills, knowledge, methodologies and positive attitude for a truly inter-dependent and cooperative society.  We are overly committed to cooperation, protection of human rights, enhanced human security, meaningful human development and preservation of the human dignity. Nothing inspires us at the Peacebuilding Institute of Africa than the preservation of human dignity.

Our core methodology involves training community members on Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding, Human Rights, Democracy, Governance, participatory methodologies, livelihood security, human security and human development.  We work within the framework of Do No Harm and conflict prevention through a community owned Conflict Early Warning & Early Response mechanism.  We sustain a regional network of compassionate volunteers for peace whose basic commitment involves offering psychosocial and trauma healing services to communities and individuals.

We also train and empower Pastors, Priests and Evangelists in thematic fields that aim to increase and strengthen Community Based Structures that "increasingly add justice within social-political, cultural and economic systems in Kenya", and thus lowering possibilities and intensity for violent conflicts.  The inverse relationship between increasing justice and lowering violence is evidently viable in restoring peaceful co-existence within and among communities.  At the Peacebuilding Institute of Africa we are glad that we have managed to nurture peaceful co-existence among individuals and communities who hitherto were in conflict risk� relationships due to divergent political, ideological, cultural and ethnic differences.  Whereas diversity can be a potential source of conflict and violence, we have trained individuals and communities to view diversity as a source of massive graciousness and as a pool of enormous knowledge, skills, values and various other aspects of human resources.

Celebrating diversity, in its numerous forms, remains another core calling of the Peacebuilding Institute of Africa.  We affirm that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.  Further, all human are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood.  We also aver the social teachings that recognize equality and dignity for all; right to life; option for the poor; solidarity; common good; right to work, and above all the chance to be and act humanely.

Gitonga Njagi
Africa Region Coordinator

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