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Participatory Environment Development Program (PEDP)

A Peacebuilding Institute Affiliate
Inayat ur Rehman, Director

Action Today, A Foundation for Tomorrow
Founded:                     (2003)
Members/volunteers:  90 (2007-08)
Staff:                             10 (2008-09)
Registration No:          14/5/3017

1. National context
Pakistan is the world's seventh most populous country with an estimated 165 million inhabitants, of whom 70 per cent live in rural areas with lack of education.  Sectarian violence has been brewing in the Pakistan and especially in the NWFP for a long time.  Now it has delivered a savage blow to the security of the province.
2. Foundation
�In peace the sons bury their fathers, but in war the fathers bury their sons� Croesus. To follow this quote The Participatory Environment Development Program (PEDP) gives priority to Peace & conflict resolution and the development at the most deprived people of North West Frontier Province with special focus to FATA.
The PEDP seeks to work in partnership of its government and local & international donor agencies.
The PEDP is represented throughout the province.  The headquarters is situated in Peshawar and coordinates the activities of all their partners.  Regarding internal management, the PEDP is autonomous and governed by their respective managing committees, which are the principal policy-making and executive organs.
Organizational Goal
To educate people for �peace and development�

� To improve the livelihood of the marginalized people
� Capacity building of local organizations and volunteers
� Health
� To reach the peace teach peace
� Conflict resolution
� Contribute world peace towards a sound and peaceful atmosphere of human life.
� Give access to basic human rights.
� To protect child rights in particular.
� Support IDPs
� Health & HIV/AIDS

3. Capacity
The Director of the organization is a member of the Board of Directors. He oversees its activities throughout NWFP. PEDP's central managing body is responsible for the society's governance. The managing body supervises the functions of the society and is assisted by other committees, including the executive committee. Good governance is ensured through its central managing body, which meets twice a year. The main functions of the managing body are:

1. To establish institutional objectives;
2. To review and approve major plans/programs;
3. To review and approve major institutional decisions;
4. To evaluate institutional performance;
5. To perform an advisory role to operating management;
6. To approve the budget for the next year;
7. To appoint auditors for the next year and review audit reports.

Human Resources
The office is headed by the Director and supported by coordinators of operations and administration.  The society has 10 paid staff.  Personnel turnover is low, and the society has a good ability to attract professional staff and volunteers.  In total, the PEDP has some 90 members and volunteers through province who are mainly involved in programme activities at the district level, particularly in Peace and Conflict Resolution.  The society has also recently established a strong volunteer consortium with other NGOs that will further enhance its human resources.
PEDP completed capacity building program for health professionals of district Charsadda.  PEDP is also working with NGOs who are involved in health related activities in the District.
Thalassaemia is increasing day by day as a killer of children. PEDP is struggling to bring awareness to the affected families and general public about the miseries and causes of Thalassaemia.  For this purpose a program is planed to bring awareness in order to mobilize the communities so that this genetic disease can be better understood.



 HIV/AIDS Orientation
Training for Health Professionals at District Hospital Charsadda


After September 9/11 the world has been changed dramatically; even the holy places of the Muslims and non-Muslims are not secure. It seems that there is no peace remaining in the world today due to terrorism. PEDP condemns all forms of terrorism and contributes its services for future peace.

PEDP strong connection with soul of Europe and hopefully
work together on mediation/conflict resolution.

Children and Youth
PEDP is organizing a big event (Caught in the Cross Fire) of youth from both tribal areas as well IDPs. The event will include some international and local games. PEDP will also make a movie of the event for future fundraising and also for the sustainability of the project.

 PEDP is based on the following strategies:

1.  Support Tribal agencies
2.  Insure Livelihood
3.  Educate about peace, Children�s Rights, Civil Rights
4.  Develop responses about key health issues
     a) HIV/AIDS
     b) Combating infant and maternal mortality
     c) Education about Nutrition
     d) Increase potable drinking water
     e) Increase hygienic Sanitation 

Participatory Environment Development Program (PEDP)
Peshawar, NWFP, Pakistan
Phone: +92-91-581-6405
Cell: +92-333-917-5391

Inayat ur Rehman, Director inayat@pedp.org.pk

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