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Peace Memo, was a bimonthly news and info letter that was available by email to all participants in Peacebuilding Institute programs and other interested persons in the past.   Current Memo's are not available.

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Affiliated Organizations

What affiliation with the Peacebuilding Institute has to offer:

(1) A vision of all humanity acting as the brothers and sisters that we already are, acknowledging our kinship and common heritage as members of the worldwide community, irrespective of national, cultural, or religious differences.

(2) A worldwide network of persons dedicated to the same vision of peace, and communicating across national boundaries to bring it to pass. The Internet and World Wide Web now make this possible.

(3) Inclusion on the Peacebuilding Institute website: The ability, resources, and essential programs for creating websites are not always available to some organizations or in some nations, but a Web presence can be established within our website. The web address for your organization would be www.peacebuildinginstitute.org/(your-organizations-initials)/.   For example, www.peacebuildinginstitute.org/vinv will take you directly to the Vietnam site.

(4) Such materials and ideas for peacebuilding as we develop here or obtain from other participants we will make available (in English) for reproduction. 

What you need to do to get started:

(1) Create a vision of what your peacebuilding program might look like based on the specific needs of the people in your region or country.

(2) Name your vision.  For example, our local peace organization is named Peacebuilding Institute of East Tennessee or PIET for short.  The director of our affiliate in Vietnam has chosen Vietnam Institute for Nonviolence, VINV for short.

(3) Write a short description of what your organization is doing or would like to do.  For example, we have described PIET's work as follows:

PIET began in 2000, as a local initiative to gather peacebuilders from around the world for the purpose of deepening our understanding of the work of peace, and developing mutually supportive relationships.  PIET's mandate is to train and prepare individuals to practice peacebuilding and nonviolence from an ecumenical and interfaith perspective.

The Vietnam Institute for NonViolence (VINV) describes its work as follows:

We expose the multi-dimensionality and depth of the concept of non-violence, forgiveness, reconciliation in various components for conflict-handling.  We provide participants an opportunity for reflection on how the concepts might apply to their own lives and relationships, for interrelationships with one another, or any group conflict situations that you as participants have identified.  Our courses involve lectures, discussions, group works, student representations and writing assignments.  We invite all Vietnamese, indigenous and overseas, and all friends all over the world to join us to bring the perspective of nonviolence worldwide.

(4) Email the name you have chosen for your organization, its description and contact information to bobarundle@gmail.com and I will add it to www.peacebuildinginstitute.org where your site will be located in its own folder for easy access directly or from within our site.

(5) Continue to add whatever additional material (text, photos, and graphics) you want to put on your site by emailing it to my address above.  You can continue to do this as you develop new materials.  Be sure to include your contact information as part of the material.

(6) If you already have a website and wish more exposure, we can setup a page with your organizations descriptive information and include your URL in the description, so visitors can go straight to your main website.

(7) The purpose in all of the above is to give you a larger virtual presence to the world.  We recommend that you post your materials in English and in your native language(s), thereby making them accessible to as wide a readership as possible.

(8) Once you have established a virtual presence on www.peacebuildinginstitute.org, then we will begin to explore other ways in which we can be supportive of each other such as sharing ideas and resources, advocacy if you find yourself in trouble with the authorities, networking with other peacebuilders around the world, participating in each others� events, and hosting regional conferences.

I believe that by working together we can indeed bring peace to our troubled world.  Thanks for joining in the effort.


Affiliate Organizations

B-Gifted Foundation (B-Gifted)
The B-Gifted Foundation was founded in 2006, and gained official status in 2007 through the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children�s Affairs in Sierra Leone.  B-Gifted Foundation is a non-profit Organization that uses creativity and technology to address human rights (including women and children's rights), enhance peace and sustainable development in Sierra Leone, while seeking to alleviate poverty through creative approaches.  Click the B-Gifted link to learn more.

Burundian Vision (BV)
This training centre for development of the ex-combatant was created by John Bosco Ngendakurio in Bujumbura town in 2005 in Republic of Burundi.  The organization is engaged in backing and development of the ex-combatant (particularly child soldiers), looking for the peace, fighting for the human rights, and promoting associated groups by the creation of the ex-combatant�s business.  Subsequently, Burundian Vision and CEDAC (Centre for Management and Development of Ex-Combatants) joined to form one NGO.  Our vision is to build a proper, peaceful country by contributing to the amelioration of the ex-combatant�s future, particularly that of the child soldiers now wondering in the streets and the population in general.  It became a Peacebuilding Institute affiliate in August 2008.  Click the BV link to learn more.

Catalystica Players (CAT)
The Catalystica Players are a unique collaborative of creative folks who engage their social settings through the practice of circus arts and theater.  Mixing both traditional and contemporary circus skills, Catalystica seeks to challenge and inspire its audiences to ask questions about their circumstances and pursue their own solutions to critical social issues.  Click the CAT link to learn more.

Centre for Human Development and Social Transformation-Nigeria (CHDST)
CHDST was formed in August 2005 to coordinate the �protect our future project�.  The aim is to have a documentation and training centre, which will coordinate and support a program of social transformation in Nigeria. In addition it trains teachers to organize peace clubs in the schools of Nigeria.  It became a peacebuilding institute affiliate in August 2008.  Click the CHDST link to learn more.

Community Initiative Justice Support Organization (C IJSO)-- Zambia, an arm of the mother body Chingola Community Initiative Support Organization (CCISO)
Africa is a continent rich in natural resources and cultural traditions.  At the same time, the people suffer under the effects of armed conflicts, AIDS, racism, and economic injustices.  These situations often force people to leave their homes for over crowded cities and refugee camps while others get caught up in overcrowded prisons.  They are often met with much discrimination resulting in further alienation and conflicts.  The main goal of this project is to build a web of relationships between local communities and strengthen their capacity for peacebuilding and trauma healing across different communities in order to meet this call for integration.  Committee members of the communities form Networks and with the Civic Education Teachers.  Click on CIJSO read about how we operate and to see pictures of our groups

Higher Educational Learning in Peace (HELP)
HELP is a program initiated by Father Devas Vargees in 1986 for the education of poor children in India.  It has evolved to include a University level Peace and Conflict Study Program teaching the principles of nonviolent action introduced by Mahatma Gandhi many years ago.  The program now incorporates both initiatives in its planning and implementation.  Click the
HELP link to learn more.

Hope Development Organization (HDO)
HDO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Faisalabad.  Faisalabad is Pakistan�s third biggest city.  It is called the Manchester of Pakistan and is famous for its textile industry.  It has a population of 1.9 millions, surrounded by villages.  HDO has been working since 1997, serving in the poor areas of lower Faisalabad Punjab.  It is a community-based organization working with the depressed communities for their empowerment, social economic development, transformation and uplifting them towards sustainable development.  It focuses especially upon the unmet needs of women and children, working in rural and poor areas.  HDO believes in a participatory approach in working with the opposed marginalized communities.  It works on various proposals, identified by the communities, that are helpful for their development, improvement and rehabilitation.  Click the HDO link to learn more.

Institutes for Christian Spirituality (ICS)
Director, James L. Foster
This Institute, formed in 1988, is under the direction of its founder, James L. Foster, a Christian mystic and theologian.  It is the research arm of ICS and publishes En Christo: A Journal for a New Christianity, an online quarterly (available free to those who request it), edited by James Foster and John Lackey. It also facilitates occasional workshops on various aspects of Christian Spirituality such as centering prayer, dream analysis, gifts for ministry and spiritual eldering. Click the ICS link to learn more.

Institute for Human Rights Research (IHRR)
Director, Dr. Liem Doan
This Institute is under development.

Institute for Interfaith Relationships (IIR)
Director, Rev. Marcia C. Free
The purpose of IIR is to promote the healing of relationships among those of differing religious traditions.  Toward this end, we promote interreligious dialogue through formal and informal contacts, including electronic publications, seminars, and such other means as the Institute may have at its disposal.  Click the IIR link to learn more.

Institute of Spirituality and Global Economics (SAGE)
Co-Directors, Bob Rundle & John Lackey
SAGE is an institute that has grown out of a study group of the United Church of Christ, Knoxville TN. SAGE seeks to continue the explorations of that group, sharing relevant articles and articulating the connections between spirituality and global economics.  Click the SAGE link to learn more.

Participatory Environment Development Program (PEDP)
PEDP is a national humanitarian registered organization whose aim is to work for peace & conflict resolution, campaigning for children�s rights with improving their future through long term development work, health and poverty throughout Northwest Frontier Provence (NWFP).  Formed in 2003 with the government of NWFP Pakistan, for over 6 years we have been growing and expanding to where we are today - helping over thousands of the province's poorest and most disadvantaged people in the target areas.  In all of our province programs we work with local partners at grass root level to make the most of their knowledge and experience.  Click the PEDP link to learn more.

Peacebuilding Institute of Africa - Kenya (PIA - K)
PIA - K is a program of an indigenous Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization, namely International Development & Peace Organization (IDPO) that has had activities mainly within the Eastern Africa Region, and to a minimal extent in the Horn of Africa. Currently, PIA - K has an enormous challenge as we respond to the just ended Kenya's Post Election Violence that rocked Kenya in January and February 2008.  We still have sporadic episodes of violence, and PIA - K continues to respond to some of the violence.  Click the PIA-K link to learn more.

Peacebuilding Institute of East Tennessee (PIET)
PIET was the first affiliate chapter of the Peacebuilding Institute established in 2000.  It is serving as a base model as we establish other affiliate chapters around the globe.  Click the PIET link to learn more.

Peace and Conflict Resolution Center (PCR-Congo)
PCR seeks to proclaim peace to the people in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the whole country.  They reach for harmony with neighboring countries and empower the people of the DRC to be in charge of their own destiny. The PCR provides a place for grassroots peace initiatives and other peace groups to work for local and international peace by providing support through basic training tools, education, self-reliance and the arts.  Click the PCR-Congo link to learn more.

Vietnam Institute for Non-Violence (VINV)
This is our first international Institute.  Please check back from time to time for additional information about VINV as the program develops.  Click the VINV link to learn more.

Voices in the Treetops, Inc. (VITT) (based in Atlanta, Georgia)
Through the performing arts, Voices in the Treetops strives to develop integrity of character and foster positive, productive self-discipline.  We concentrate on arts programs for children, teens, and adults which promote social and environmental responsibility, wellness, entrepreneurial skills development, social justice, and cultural preservation.  We teach the principles of peacebuilding communication, using the power of music, song, and story circles to facilitate constructive dialogue and collaboration between community service agencies, artists, individual community advocates, health professionals and educators.  Click VITT to learn more.

World Citizenship Institute (WCI)
Director, James L. Foster
WCI is a world-wide interfaith and multicultural online network of peacebuilders.  Currently representatives from more than 75 countries are actively engaged in peacebuilding activities.  All participants subscribe to the World Citizenship Creed.  A major component of WCI is its Advanced Studies (WCIAS).

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