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www.ChristianSpirituality.org Institutes for Christian Spirituality is a voluntary association encompassing a number of related ministries, all concerned with fostering a deeper spirituality in the lives of individuals. They seek to formulate clearly and incisively the deep truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to facilitate ecumenical dialogue on the faith and practice of spirituality as it is practiced by both Christians and other God-seekers.

www.LivingInPeace.org Dedicated to promoting the belief that inner peace is the beginning of world peace and offering universal truths to help people achieve inner peace.

More To Life courses teach practical tools and skills that help you connect with your best self whenever you choose and grasp more of the creative possibilities in every life situation.

Performances and workshops to excite children, teens, and adults with motivation, creativity, and a healthy dose of consciousness raising.  She uses stories and songs to illustrate Biblical and universally spiritual principles.

www.CNVC.org  Center for Nonviolent Communication.  A global organization helping people connect compassionately with themselves and one another through Nonviolent Communication language, created by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

www.PreachingPeace.org  Nonviolent Atonement.  They are seeking to discern the will of God on both a macro and a micro level, on both an objective and a subjective plane.  In short, they seek wholeness (shalom), the peace that is ours in the gospel of the God of Peace revealed in the Prince of Peace.

www.AtlPeace.org  The "Atlanta: City of Peace" program encompasses seven major projects in Atlanta: The Global Peace Academy, The Global Peace Concert, The Global Peace Flight, The Global Peace Garden, The Global Peace Museum, The Global Peace Tower, and The Global Peace Walk.  The organization has its roots in the peace work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and is seeking to make Atlanta, Georgia a center for international peace efforts.

www.InfoPlease.com/countries  This is a comprehensive collection of geographic, demographic and political data on all the countries in the world--a helpful resource for those with an interest in world peace.

www.ProtectOurFuture.org  This is a World Citizenship Institute affiliate in Nigeria, West Africa, directed by Imoh Colins.  The focus of the organization is formation of Peace Clubs in the schools of Nigeria, and the training of teachers for the teaching of peace in their classrooms.

Better World Links -- 30,000 By Categories
A well-organized assembly of links to information and action for a better world, maintained by Norbert. (nonreligious)

Peacebuilding Organization Links
These are links to Peacebuilding organizations around the world collected by the Peacebuilding Institute of East Tennessee.

Spirituality and Global Economics (SAGE) Links
These are links to sites with information on how spirituality could effect global economics in order to have a more peaceful world and how the lack of it contributes to the opposite.   

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