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Hope Development Organization (HDO)

A Peacebuilding Institute Affiliate
Mr. Rashad Javed, Director

Summary of proposed Peace Project
Hope Development Organization
Faisalabad, Pakistan

Most of our two million people in the Faisalabad area are poor and undernourished. Our children do not usually understand themes of peace and reconciliation, so immersed are they in the �virtues� of violence. They are taught that virtue is to do good only to followers of their own religion or sect. We have not learned, as a country, to get along, and some of our children move toward terrorism in the process of survival.

We at HDO have decided to devote most of our effort to projects designed to bring peace to our country. We are in a position for this task because of our work in the schools, factories, and communities since 1997. Providing help for oppressed women and children and medical services for the underprivileged. Our new Youth Group Boy�s Wing is dedicated to creating peaceful enthusiasm in boys. We have selected twenty schools in the Faisalabad region for intense exposure to peaceful living, especially in the schools where bigotry is strong. We involve children in Peace Seminars, writing peace slogans, documentaries showing the pain and loss of lives caused by hate, poster competitions, peace walks with banners, three Peace Conventions, speech competitions, a Conflict Resolution Table where children talk about their problems with resolution as the goal. With field trips we visit other groups working on peace. We believe this proposed project can bring a new attitude of peace among our children, replacing bigotry in the next generation.

HDO - Past and Current Work
is a community-based organization seeking to transform deprived lives through sustainable development. Our emphasis are physical, social and economic help through medicine, encouragement and training.
Helping people to change their own unsatisfactory situations.
Improve the literacy rate of working children.
Promote harmony among people of diverse economic status and religion.
Train women for the workplace and increase their confidence.
Provide assistance to the disabled.
Provide health services and awareness for the very poor..
Assist communities in defining their needs, and then define our programs. (The Peace Project)
Descriptions of the twenty schools initially targeted and the children who attend them.
Descriptions of the teachings and activities.
The administrative structure and avoiding conflict with leaders who may object.
Evaluation and monitoring.
Future expansion of the Peace Project if results warrant

Pakistan and the World
We are positioned to exert a great influence on our region and on the world, either for good or for evil. Our country is bordered by India, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and China with disputed and ungoverned territories within and neighboring us. While our government claims friendliness with the civilized nations, many factors work against our joining with the peaceful nations of the world. Our children are the best hope for reversal of trends that tend to lead Pakistan in the direction of trouble.

I realize that the economy in the world is troubled. It is not in good shape but this cannot stop me from trying for peace in my region. As you already know it is very hard to run this kind of organization in this kind of country without any partner organizations and without any proper funding. We face too many problems every day. We need your prayers, helping hands and love to keep going with all of this until our peace mission is realized.

We require Peace volunteers for office and field, Peace books and other materials, 1 Multi Media Computer, 1 digital Camera with cam corder and software, Peace related shirts and materials, and especially donations.

For further information�s please visit or contact HDO office by phone or email.

Chairman: Hope Development Organization.
Email: chairman@hopedevelopment.org

What We Do

HDO Working Children Educational Center)
HDO focuses on education as character building of the Child to make them useful for the society. It is about helping them acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that becomes useful throughout their lives. HDO has started educational project called �Hope Working Children Educational Center� that gives the basic education to those boys and girls who belong to the poor families and cannot afford the heavy expenses of education.  They have recently created the Youth Peace Club and held a successful Christmas Get-Together.

Read about one of their recent programs:  2011 Women�s Rights Awareness Seminar And Celebration of Women�s Day

Skill Development Program
HDO has started program, which gives skills to the women. It helps them to support themselves and their families. Under skill development program, women are getting Beauty Parlor training. These women are not highly educated but they want to learn a skill for their better future.

Being females, they feel attraction in this field. They are getting training of massage, party and bridle make up, hair cutting & body massage, etc. After getting training from HDO, several girls are earning respectfully and playing active role in the society.

Medical Mobile Camp

HDO is providing standard health facilities to public far from Hope office and operational areas.  HDO arranges mobile camp after every two months in rural and slum areas.  Patients have been provided basic treatment in this program.

(Six Months Traditional Birth Attendant (TBAs) Training Program)
Many Pakistani women prefer Dais (Traditional Nurses helping in birth).  It is because families are not aware of the complications & pre-cautions of birth.  Secondly there are people who cannot afford for the hospital for their treatment.  Dais uses their own old method of birth, which cause causalities.

In each case two lives are at risk (mother & baby).  HDO provides them training on modern features to make them aware about the parts of the body, HB (Hemo globin), usage of vitamins, required diet and regular check ups.  They are taught about the emergency situations also.  HDO also provides training to those women who are interested in this field, but do not have any access to get such training.  At completion of training, the students are able to work professionally on medical grounds.  In this way they earn respectfully & are in a position to support their families. Several students are serving mankind after completing their training.

HDO Medical Center
HDO has established a Medical Center that provides the basic health facilities to the poor people of the rural and slum areas.  The Center is providing reproductive and general treatment facilities where patients come to the center and get medicines at very low cost.

Inter-Faith Harmony
In past few years there has been a tension between the people of different faiths on different grounds.  As a civilized society we need to live in Peace and Harmony.  HDO started a program to bridge the communities by celebrating the religious days together as Christmas, Eid-ul-Fitar, Eid-ul-Azha and Easter and focus on peace meetings between religious and community leaders. These programs help the people to develop a better understanding regarding acceptance, tolerance, love & peace concepts.  It also helped to resolve conflict that often takes place in the areas.

Visit to our website: www.hopedevelopment.org
E-mail: info@hopedevelopment.org

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