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Community Initiative Justice Support Organization (CIJSO)---Zambia,
An arm of the mother body Chingola Community Initiative Support Organization (CCISO)

A Peacebuilding Institute Affiliate
Samuel Kawalila, Director

How We Work

Initial contact and planning is done with a community leader, peacebuilding practitioner, NGO worker, or significant stakeholder. Each community participates in the design of the program for their local context and needs. A member of the peace-building team works with the community planner to determine on the primary objectives of the work to be done and the methods to be used for their community.

Community participants of twenty to thirty people are invited to participate in workshops geared towards building sustainable peace. The workshops include but are not limited to Conflict Transformation, Dialogue, Trauma Healing, Peace building Strategies, and Nonviolent Communication. Participants in the programs are women, youth, men's civic groups, church groups, or any group that is already formed in a local community. The groups use role plays on mediation, drama, dance, songs and focus group discussions. Facilitation in needs assessment, capacity building, storytelling, and public forums are also offered.

The team members travel to places working with local communities that want to participate in these peacebuilding efforts. The team is looking to expand to other countries in Africa. The initial visit is approximately for thirty days where the team works with the community leaders to facilitate workshops around the needs of the community. There are follow-up visits at least once a year to re-assess, revise, and facilitate the community implementation plans.

Samuel Kawalila, Director
19-7th Street,
Nchanga South Chingola
Zambia, Africa






A group of students and their teachers attending a "Peace"
workshop organized by Community Initiative Justice Support Organization.  The students performed drama shows and there
was a quiz competition conducted.






Groups of Community people attending a "Peace" workshop
organized by Community Initiative Justice Support Organization

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