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Centre for Human Development and Social Transformation - Nigeria

A Peacebuilding Institute Affiliate
Imoh Colins Edozie, Executive Director

Centre for Human Development and Social Transformation - Nigeria
CHDST was formed in August 2005 to coordinate the �protect our future project�.  The aim is to have a documentation and training centre, which will coordinate and support a program of social transformation in Nigeria. In addition it trains teachers to organize peace clubs in the schools of Nigeria.  It became a peacebuilding institute affiliate in August 2008.

The Centre for Human Development and Social Transformation organizes constant training for stakeholders on conflict transformation. This includes:

Training on non-violent conflict resolution; peace education; education in democracy and in environmental and human rights; and activities that promote a culture of peace.

To build a democratic culture of peace in Nigeria.

Engage stakeholders in order to achieve human development and social transformation in the wider community.

Core Values:
We believe in our ability to resolve our conflicts peacefully. We acknowledge that to achieve peace; justice, fairness, honesty and integrity must be present in our society.


  • Train stakeholders in social transformation (peace building, environment, etc.) and human development.

  • Promote an awareness and interest in the common good by teaching responsible leadership.

  • Create awareness on a democratic and a culture of peace among the youths.

  • Hold training sessions for youths to imbibe leadership and a culture of peace.

  • Research into various aspects of human development & social transformation.

For additional detailed information, including schedule, programs and contact information, go to www.protectourfuture.org


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