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Catalystica Players (CAT)

A Peacebuilding Institute Affiliate
Kevin Collins
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The Catalystica Players are a unique collaborative of creative folk which engages its social settings through the practice of theater, puppetry and clowning.  Catalystica seeks to challenge and inspire its audiences to ask questions about their circumstances and
pursue their own solutions to critical social issues.  Espousing nonviolence as a lifestyle, creativity as a state of mind, and peacebuilding as the means to a better world, Catalystica tries to mend rips in the social fabric and bridge chasms in the social realm by being a catalyst to other people�s thoughts and actions.

With original music and through mixing media of giant puppetry, carpe locus theater, traditional theater, shadow theater, hand puppets and clowning, Catalystica participates in a storytelling process designed to fire the imagination of audiences.  Not only does Catalystica perform, it also asks audiences to participate in the active creation of the show.  During workshops, the group will take a particular issue, and ask participants to articulate their realities; then they create characters and work with the selected issue through theatrical interaction to explore ways of arriving at solutions.  Audience members are asked to take roles to help resolve the action described.  Catalystica not only entertains, but also provides a creative means to speak to and about our
environments leading to a more peaceful, just and livable world.

Besides performing throughout their home-base area in East Tennessee, Catalystica members have performed across the Southeast and Midwest various capacities.  As part of the Olive Tree Circus, Catalystica traveled to Palestine�s West Bank teaching and performing in the Occupied Territories.

The Principals:
Kevin ,Cindy, Kayce and Will Collins
As a musician, writer, performer, artist, builder and clown, Kevin brings a wide range of skills to the theatrical stage.  He has performed throughout the Southeast and Midwest and adds a distinctive mix of practical skills and artistic imagination.  Having been trained by Ringling Brothers clowns, both Kevin and Cindy have clowned around for almost twenty years.  Cindy also contributes amazing skills in fabric arts, performance and education.  Kayce and Will act and clown with their parents and on their own while learning and teaching theater skills and clowning.

Circus Catalystica also collaborates with several other performers across the nation as need and availability dictates.

Some of the circus skills taught and practiced:
Fire eating/breathing/dancing
Poi/Fire poi (spinning)
Magic tricks
Giant puppetry, shadow puppets, hand puppets
Free-standing ladders







Workshops Offered:
Theatre & Social Change
Interpreting skills in the theater context as symbols of the world around us and learning to apply the symbols to opportunities for nonviolent social change

Giant Puppet Building
Creating giant puppets through the use of primarily recycled and reused materials in the process of speaking life story, carpe locus theater, pageantry and parades

Circus Skills
Learning the skills of circustry--using the objects--juggling, unicycling, poi, diabolo, acrobalance, etc

Carpe locus Theater
Writing & performing--how to take or create space in the public arena for intentional theater

Performance Arts & Conflict Resolution
Approaching performance dialectically through audience participation to seek and create non-violent alternatives to particular conflict situations

Shadow Puppetry
Creating a world from silhouettes and paper cutting for speaking life story

Hand Puppets
Messaging and speaking life story through the medium of hand puppets

Clowning & Clown Face
Creating clown characters; using traditional clown paint; performing as a clown to address social dilemmas

Any combination of the above or we �ll gladly discuss your needs and develop workshops to fit

You may also see members of Circus Catalystica at performances of these groups:

Sir Cuzz �n� Familia         Olive Tree Circus             Puppetistas

Contact Information: circuscatalystic@aol.com (865) 577-1140

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