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Burundian Vision (BV)

A Peacebuilding Institute Affiliate
John Bosco Ngendakurio, Founder

This training centre for development of the ex-combatant was created by John Bosco Ngendakurio in Bujumbura town in 2005 in Republic of Burundi.  The organization is engaged in backing and development of the ex-combatant (particularly child soldiers), looking for the peace, fighting for the human rights, and promoting associated groups by the creation of the ex-combatant�s business.  Subsequently, Burundian Vision and CEDAC (Centre for Management and Development of Ex-Combatants) joined to form one NGO.  Our vision is to build a proper, peaceful country by contributing to the amelioration of the ex-combatant�s future, particularly that of the child soldiers now wondering in the streets and the population in general.  It became a Peacebuilding Institute affiliate in August 2008.


  1. To fight for and to promote the human rights of ex-combatants and child soldiers

  2. To support the socioeconomic integration of ex-combatants and former refugees

  3. To reinforce peace and security by actions realized in disarmament and reconciliation domains.


"The most important is to create a network among all young Burundians worldwide so that they can involve themselves in peacebuilding in their beloved mother country."
                  -- John Bosco Ngendakurio, Burundian in Norway and Founder of Burundian Vision

Domain 1: Security and Reconciliation

- Sensitization in fighting against Small arms.
- Taking part in their collection.
- Organization of sports exercises and culture.

Domain 2: Health

- Formation and sensitization in fighting against AIDS.
- Sensitization in hygiene and diet.
- Promotion of the best habitat.

Domain 3: Initiation and Development of Lucrative Activities

- Agriculture and modern farming.
- Crafts.
- Commerce.
- Transformation of the diet products.
- Production of services.

Axe 4: Reinforcement of Organizational and Institutional Capacities

- Reinforcement of member�s capacities: peace and reconciliation, leadership,
  program and projects management, peaceful communication, democracy.

Axe 5 : Human Rights and Respect

- Training in human rights.
- Training in peaceful communication.

For additional information about Burundian Vision, its program, scheduled events, and its partnering NGO, CEDAC, go to www.freewebs.com/burundianvision.


For additional information about Burundi, go to


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