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Subject: My lessons for peace

I have some ideas for the coming month for peace and love to the children of Sierra Leone.  It is called "Show some Love to the Children of post-conflict Sierra Leone".  Teddy Bears and Toys will bear witness to the plight of kids affected by war in Sierra Leone bringing smiles and hope to the kids of amputee parents.  The B-Gifted foundation is planning to make donations of gifts to hundreds of kids from amputee camps in Sierra Leone during Christmas and in the New Year. Keisha Luce applying life-molding techniques to create (exact
replicas) of amputated limbs at the Waterloo Amputee Camp in Sierra Leone.  In March of 2010 Andrea Patten my friend who runs the program http://whatkidsneedtosucceed.wordpress.com/about-the-authors/  introduced me to two American artists Keisha Luce and Kirk Terrograssa.  The artists were visiting Sierra Leone to work on a documentary Project �Testimonies� with B-Gifted Foundation in Sierra Leone lending a supporting hand to the host artists. 

�Testimony� is a figurative sculpture installation joining oral history that explored the personal and cultural history of bodies amputated, shaped and altered by Sierra Leone�s decade long civil war.  In the tradition of documentary art such as photography and film, these artists developed documentary sculpture (using life molding techniques) as a vehicle to examine the social, personal and historic issues surrounding disfigurements, resulting from war and conflict.  The project brought to light the personal stories of ordinary people, living under the extra-ordinary consequences of war.  B-Gifted Staff and their American Artist friends, visited several Amputee camps, Oslo Amputee Resettlement Camp in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone, the Grafton Amputee Camp in Waterloo, the Four Mile Amputee Camp.  Apart from the challenges faced by the amputee parents, we realized that many of these bare-footed kids, with beautiful faces and smiles bore some share of the gruesome consequences of the war.  The kids were not going to school, had poor health, and faced daily hunger and starvation.  This situation is worsened because these amputees who once lived a normal life before
they were amputated had good jobs, but can no longer fend for the family because they are deprived of arms and legs.  They relied on begging for meager food and money which is not forthcoming.  Their parents whose arms or legs or limbs have been amputated are the forgotten victims of the nation and the world seem to look away from their plight.  But we must no longer look away from their children who will grow up with the thought of war. Bringing Teddy�s, Toys and gift to their homes will show love, uplift their souls, and bring a glimmer of
hope and radiant smiles to their faces. 

Show some Love�, is a project that will help salve the wounds of amputees and their children by providing gifts and showing some love and care to them through the gesture of donating gift such as teddy bears, toys and other essential items that can help them cope in the aftermath of a decade of war.  This show of love, will bring peace and joy in their hearts and makes them realize and recognize that others do care for them and they are not alone. B-Gifted foundation http://bgiftedfoundation.org a non-profit, Non-Governmental organization
believes that peace is not only a core human value but a core human rights.  B-gifted hopes to collect Teddy Bears, toys, used clothes, books, shoes for the hundreds and hundreds of children amputated by the war or from amputee parents.  The project hopes to find partners that can sponsor, collect, ship to Sierra Leone gift that can ultimately make a difference in the lives of children living from the aftermath of a decade of war.  

Please RSVP at b.giftedfoundation@gmail.com

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